USB tools free

(Linux people are very tech savvy and they may know how to do these things (or better) manually.)

USB Wächter (USB switch)
  • You can administrate via the Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
  • There it shows a list of devices connected via USB.
  • You can delete a device from the list and it won't be authorized to access your computer.
  • Only the listed USB devices have access to the computer and it's easy to add another to the list.

The program is in German and that may be a problem sometimes.

Wenovo USB Disks Access Manager

You can set your computer to
  • Read only USB drives.
  • Not to detect USB disks.

USB Dummy Protect
  • It detects the whole free space on a USB drive and writes a dummy file to fill up the empty space.USB
  • So the viruses can't enter your pen because there's no empty room for them.

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